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Overview: In 2015, the work begun by Vinae Mureri along the upper stretches of the Jiloca River has been inherited through acquisition by Bodega Sommos Garnacha. The tastefully designed, isolated bodega in Murero is retained, along with 250 acres of indigenous Garnacha vines between 40 and 100 years old. Updated technology and attention to detail has produced immediate and spectacular results.


History: Located in Zaragoza s remote Jiloca River Valley in the extreme southeast of D.O. Calatayud, the local vineyards had suffered abandonment during the 20th century for their difficult access and steep slopes mandating manual labor. Beginning in 2001, efforts were intensified to recuperate those vineyards that could still be saved. Dispersed among the slopes, the vineyard parcels today average approximately two acres in size. The steepest hillsides are composed of exposed gray and red slate and quartzite, the gentler slopes incorporating varying amounts red clay. Extreme elevations range from 2700 to 3800 feet. It is believed that these isolated parcels represent what remains of the original, or heirloom version, of the Garnacha variety. Continental climate and altitude offer day/night temperature variation during season of 25 º F. and more, lengthening the ripening season and preserving fruit intensity. Rains are scarce but timely and penetrate the soils quickly to provide adequate moisture for the deeply-rooted vines. The old vines produce an average of one kilogram (2.2 pounds) each, and are collected in 20kg crates, filled only to 15kgs to avoid crushing during transport to the bodega. The crates are emptied directly onto a new Selectiv Process Vision sorting table that optically separates the grapes by color and shape to retain only the finest and most intact fruit. The destemmed grapes are cold macerated and fermented by parcel in moderately sized tanks of 4000 to 6000 liters. The essence of Garnacha is the Sommos Garnacha objective, with extreme altitude and mineral soils contributing to the intensity and freshness obtained.


Xiloca’s agent is Classical Wines of Spain, whom we proudly represent.

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