Brick House
United States, Oregon
Green Status: Biodynamic,Deep Roots Coalition

Brick House Vineyards was started by Doug Tunnell in the 1980s after he bought an old hazelnut farm and converted it to organic viticulture.  He was the first to be certified organic in Oregon (1990), and later, the first to be certified biodynamic.


We have worked with Brick House since he produced his first vintage, with ten cases of Gamay Noir being our first purchase. 


In addition to Gamay Noir, Brick House produces several bottlings of Pinot Noir, plus one or two bottlings each year of Chardonnay.  Wine are made with indigenous (wild) yeast and winemaking is with minimal intervention. 


The vineyard is located in the Ribbon Ridge AVA of the Willamette Valley, which is famous for its muscular Pinot Noirs.  However, I don’t think anyone who knows Brick House Pinot Noir would say that his wines are anything but elegant, balanced, and nuanced.


The soil is marine sedimentary “Willakenzie” soil, but there is a mound of volcanic “Jory” soil on the property.   Several times in the past, Doug has made a special Pinot Noir from this site he calls “Boulder Block”.  

Current Inventory
Brick House Chardonnay Ribbon Ridge 2015
Brick House Chardonnay Cascadia 2015
Brick House Pinot Noir Evelyn 2015
Brick House Pinot Noir Cuvee Tonnelier 2017
Brick House Pinot Noir Select 2017
Brick House Gamay Noir 2018
Brick House Pinot Noir Dijonnais 2017