JK Carriere
United States, Oregon
Green Status: Deep Roots Coalition,Organic

Jim Prosser began his J.K. Carriere winery in 1999 after a career of working under some of the best producers of Pinot Noir in the world, including Burgundy’s George Roumier and Oregon’s Brick House.  We were sold after tasting his 2001 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.


Why the name?  it’s a combination of both of his grandfathers’ names.  Why the wasp on the label?  Jim is terribly allergic to bee stings and carries around an Epipen wherever he goes…it’s a nemesis of sorts, we suppose.


It took about three years of begging to convince Jim to send us wine.  It began with the 2005 vintage.  Jim moved from a rented barn near Newberg to his own property on Parrett Mountain as the recession began in 2008.  He has his vineyard planted now, but he is well known as contracting with what could be the most expensive combination of vineyards in Oregon:  Shea, Anderson Family, Temperance Hill and Gemini.  His estate vineyard on his Parrett Mountain property has been named St Dolores, named for his mother (You’ll have to ask Jim about how she got that name).


Jim professes to putting a “spring” in his wines, and we think that’s true.  They are amazingly age worthy, yet accessible for tonight’s dinner.  He is clearly one of Oregon’s very best.  His “Vespidae” Pinot Noir (given the latin name for that previously-mentioned wasp) has become his centerpiece to all his production and a ubiquitous placement in our markets and has become a consumer favorite.

Current Inventory
JK Carriere Pinot Noir Anderson 2013
JK Carriere Pinot Noir Anderson 2014
JK Carriere Pinot Noir St. Dolores 2015
JK Carriere Chardonnay Lucidite 2015
JK Carriere Pinot Noir Provocateur 2017
JK Carriere Pinot Noir WV Vespidae 2015 (12-375ml)
JK Carriere Pinot Noir Antoinette 2016
JK Carriere Pinot Noir WV Vespidae 2016
JK Carriere Pinot Noir Provocateur 2018
JK Carriere Chardonnay Lucidite 2016