United States, California

Heron Wines are relatively new to our portfolio, having begun with them in late 2014.  Laely Heron began her business in 1995 by only sourcing fruit and not owning vineyards.  Her wines have come from grapes in California, Spain and France.  She prefers to buy grapes that are dry-farmed, old vine, high altitude and organically produced. 

Laely had a nomadic childhood and she is just as comfortable going on a roughing-it trip in the wilds of the Yukon as she is hanging out at home in San Francisco.  She believes that wines should be honest, accessible and affordable.  That’s her goal with Heron Wines.

Current Inventory
Heron Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Heron Merlot 2017
Heron Pinot Noir 2018
Heron Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
Heron Chardonnay 2018