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Banquet License


You can save up to 40% on wine, beer and cider for your next celebration or special event

For more information see the FAQ points below and log on to to obtain your Banquet License through the state of Virginia. 

Should I get a Banquet license? 
The state of Virginia has designated multiple types of Banquet/Event licenses for a wide variety of events, where alcohol may be served.  These events can range from a simple birthday party to a large non-profit fundraiser.  If you are planning an event where alcohol is served, having a Banquet License and purchasing alcohol at wholesale prices can save you money.   

How much does it cost?  
The cost of a Banquet license is $55 for the one-day event, with the ability to purchase additional days for $40.  IF the event has an alcohol beverage budget of over $200 you may be able to gain some additional value from a Banquet license.   This type of license can be purchased up to 4-times annually. 

Where can I get a banquet license?
License Applications are available on the VA ABC website:
Or apply in person at one of a dozen regional offices in the state including:  Roanoke Regional ABC Office, 2943 Peters Creek Rd. NW Suite D, Roanoke, VA  24019-3518.  

How long will this license process take? 
VA ABC suggests the on-line process takes 12 days and the in-person process takes 10 days. 

Where can I buy wine, beer and cider? 
Once you have your Banquet license you can purchase product directly from your favorite wholesaler.  Please give us a call, at Roanoke Valley Wine Company, and we can help you plan your event and pick out the products you want.  540-444-4440 or email us at

Can ordered products be delivered? 
Yes, we can deliver to most locations statewide, Tuesday through Friday.  Or, you may pick up your order at our warehouse in Salem, VA. 


*Please note – Banquet customers must provide payment for products upon delivery.  Delivery can only be made to the designated address the day of the event.  If the license is for a weekend event delivery is permitted the Friday prior.  Spirits used for the event must be purchased via VA ABC stores and can’t be provided via RVWC.